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Video: The Moments Before a Murder

November 15, 2013

policevideoPolice released this video snippet last night and asked if anyone might be able to identify the gunman. This is the man who burst into the barbershop at Frankford and Anthony Avenues on Nov. 9 and shot David Henry Porter in the head. The man’s head you see in the foreground is Porter’s barber, who police did not name and who was apparently uninjured.

It appears the gun jammed. The gunman calmly pauses to clear the jam, and the barber appears to be going about his work as if nothing unusual is happening.

On Tuesday the Sun published an interview with Porter’s mother, a 911 dispatcher, who told the newspaper her son was well-loved in the neighborhood before and since his stint in prison for a 1994 murder. Porter was going to open a used car lot, his mother told the Sun.

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  • wtf

    why would the guy just sit there in the chair while the gun is jammed? somethings i will never understand (the idiot probably just left the safety on)..why not show the whole video so people can see the results of gun violence?

  • HipHopCleopatra

    I am not sure why the guy sat there as a gunman points a gun. It is almost unreal. But it further proves that Baltimore City’s gun problem has gone way out of control. We have to think of better solutions to educate our youth, keep them out of the streets and to get these guns off the streets.

  • robdesign

    Why did the barber do nothing when the gun jammed? Why didn’t anyone else in the barbershop try to stop this crime from happening? This is quite disturbing.