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Maryland U.S. Attorney’s Office Announces Schenning’s Return as First Assistant

January 19, 2011

Stephen M. Schenning, a white-collar prosecutor with a long history at the Maryland U.S. Attorney’s Office, has been named First Assistant U.S. Attorney, the top career position there. Schenning had previously served in that position from 1997 to 2001, according to a press release announcing the appointment, and has been the office’s senior litigation counsel since. Schenning replaces Stuart Goldberg, who recently left for Department of Justice (DOJ) headquarters in Washington, D.C., where he took a position as chief of staff for Attorney General Eric Holder’s new Deputy Attorney General, James Cole, according to an e-mail from Vickie LeDuc, spokeswoman for the Maryland office.

Schenning’s ascension caps some recent prosecutorial successes, including the jury convictions of three union timekeepers at the Port of Baltimore for fraud involving no-show work and a guilty plea from politically connected bail-bondsman and real-estate investor Milton Tillman Jr. for offenses that also included no-show work at the port.

The cases, which Schenning prosecuted along with his colleague, Martin Clarke, prompted City Paper to scrutinize Tillman’s union, Local 333 of the International Longshoremen’s Association. The resulting article reported that the local’s roster is packed with ex-felons, and that sources and corroborating documents say member Kenneth Antonio “Kenny Bird” Jackson, a politically connected strip-club manager with a criminal past, engaged in no-show work. (He has not been charged.) The piece prompted a protest in front of City Paper’s office in Mount Vernon.

In his new job, Schenning fills big shoes left by Goldberg, who was honored in December with a DOJ Director’s Award for, among other managerial accomplishments, developing programs “targeting public corruption and white collar fraud,” according to a press release announcing the award.

Goldberg’s new position as Cole’s chief of staff is very high profile, since Cole “advises and assists” Holder in his buck-stops-here duties at DOJ, and, in Holder’s absence, “acts as the Attorney General,” according to a press release announcing Cole’s appointment.

In addition to Goldberg, DOJ headquarters tapped another Maryland prosecutor in 2009: Jason M. Weinstein, who is Deputy Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal Division. In Maryland, Weinstein had served as chief of the violent crimes section.

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