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Marilyn Mosby running for States Attorney

June 21, 2013

Mosby slideshow-image3Marilyn Mosby, a former assistant prosecutor and wife of 7th District City Council freshman Nick Mosby, announced today (again) that she will be announcing her candidacy for States Attorney.

Mosby set up a website and a campaign committee and told the Baltimore Sun in late April that she was throwing her hat in the ring, saying the growing scandal in the city jail—which an inmate named Tavon White allegedly controlled as the local leader of the Black Guerrilla Family gang—was partially the fault of the prosecutors office and “that culture of distrust” engendered when cops and prosecutors try to convince Baltimore juries that defendants are guilty.

“There are a lot of cases where juries hang because prosecutors are unable to convince the jury because of that culture of distrust,” she said then, according to the unsigned piece in the Sun.

Elaborating (somewhat?) in today’s announcement announcing her planned Monday announcement, Mosby wrote: “The only way to resolve the problem of violence in Baltimore is to eradicate the culture of distrust and to close the revolving door that has allowed the most violent offenders to repeatedly perpetrate crimes, in our communities and from jail, without repercussions,” says Mosby. “In order to build trust, we must break down the existing barriers and bridge the gap between the police department, the community and the Office of the State’s Attorney.”

More on those “existing barriers” and Mosby’s solutions for breaking them down, presumably, will be forthcoming on Monday.

Those wishing to get a head start on that might want to head to Melba’s Place on Greenmount Avenue on Sunday. Nick Mosby is hosting a campaign fundraiser there at 4.


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