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Jose Morales Update: 262 Months

March 11, 2010

Jose Morales, as photographed in 2008. | Image by Rarah

Jose Morales was sentenced on March 8 to 262 months—nearly 22 years—in federal prison for trying to bring 6 kilos of cocaine to Baltimore on a chartered jet. Judge Randy Crane of the Southern District of Texas heard several sealed (and therefore secret) pleadings before sentencing. Crane ruled that Morales is a career criminal, but gave him the low end of the sentence range; he could have received 327 months. Crane also gave Morales five years’ probation after his release and recommended that “the defendant be placed in a program for drug abuse treatment and also placement in an institution closes (sic) to his family,” according to the available documents. Morales has the right to appeal.

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