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Jose Morales Busted in Texas Trying to Charter Jet to Bring Cocaine to Baltimore

August 19, 2008

Serial criminal Jose Joaquin Morales was supposed to be in Howard County Circuit Court yesterday, answering to charges that he wrote a bad check for nearly $4,000 in construction materials from a Jessup supply store last fall. Instead, Morales was facing much more serious charges in U.S. District Court of the Southern District of Texas, in McAllen, where he was accused on Aug. 18 of crimes associated with his alleged attempt to transport $180,000 worth of cocaine to Baltimore using a chartered jet.

According to the charging documents, in the middle of the afternoon last Friday, Morales arrived by taxi at the Edinburg, Texas airport next to the Rio Grande near Brownsville. He passed through the airport lobby on his way to the bathroom, then returned to the counter where he produced $23,000 cash to pay for a chartered jet to take him to Baltimore. The airport sent for a jet, and once it arrived, law enforcers approached Morales to ask him some questions. His “statements were not fitting the facts,” the complaint explains, so the agents sought and received Morales’ consent to search his bags. The drug-sniffing dogs got involved, too, and pretty soon six kilograms of cocaine was being recovered from the restroom trash can.

“Morales stated he was provided currency to purchase Cocaine in the McAllen, Texas area,” the complaint continues, and that “he was being paid to reimburse a $30,000 cash bond he owned [sic] to an individual for a prior arrest. He also stated he was planning to sell each kilogram of Cocaine in Baltimore, Maryland for $29-30,000 U.S. currency. Once the cocaine was sold, MORALES was to return the proceeds to another individual in Baltimore within one week.”

Well, it didn’t go according to plan. Then again, Morales isn’t known for having the most well-laid plans, as City Paper has shown in recent months here, here, here, and here. Chartering a jet out of southern Texas, right next the Mexican border, in order to hand-carry $180,000 worth of cocaine to Baltimore is no way to succeed in the game.

Read this document on Scribd: Jose Morales Criminal Complaint

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