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At the intersection of art and controversy, Mr. Wrong

June 5, 2014
Screen shot 2014-06-05 at 4.50.29 PM

Mr. Wrong in all his fist-shaking glory.

City Paper staffers and fans across the nation were surprised and delighted last night to see the Mr. Wrong Show pilot on Fox. Actually it was a random “man-on-the-street” encounter for a local news segment, but still: Former City Paper Art Director Joe MacLeod, a.k.a Mr. Wrong, killed it here. He is natural TV Personality Material, dig?) “Of course,” he says, “they left all my good stuff on the editing bay floor.”

WBFF’s Your-Tax-Dollars-Wasted theme is an evergreen, but we like the idea that the city is actually doing some demolition. For years, we really didn’t. And $1,750 for the mural—$50k for all the murals—probably isn’t all that horrible in the grand scheme of things.

Oh, it’s getting knocked down in a few minutes then? That’s kind of spiritual, isn’t it? Rather like the Tibetan Buddhist tradition of destroying those intricate sand mandalas a few days after they’re finished. It’s a literal meditation on the impermanence of things.

Of course, the “Forever Together” mural is actually a “pop-up teaser” for a larger, city-sponsored gallery show for the artist, according to the Baltimore Brew, which broke the story.

Then too, aren’t all commercials, on some level, ephemeral?


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