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Hopkins Radiologist is Coal Companies’ Trump Card

October 30, 2013

Steve Day has black lung, according to pretty much everyone except Johns Hopkins Hospital.

A senior radiologist at Johns Hopkins is the coal industry’s “trump card” in its cases against miners claiming black lung, a report by the Center for Public Integrity and ABC News says.

Dr. Paul Wheeler consistently finds no black lung, less black lung or other diseases in miner’s lungs where other doctors–and biopsies–see black lung disease. Wheeler’s findings cost workers their cases hundreds of times in the past decade, CPI reports, leaving them impoverished as well as sickly:
The Center for Public Integrity identified more than 1,500 cases decided since 2000 in which Wheeler was involved, reading a total of more than 3,400 X-rays. In these cases, he never found a case of complicated black lung, and he read an X-ray as positive for the earlier stages of the disease in less than 4 percent of cases.

Hopkins reportedly responded with a general written statement: “To our knowledge, no medical or regulatory authority has ever challenged or called into question any of our diagnoses, conclusions or reports resulting from the … program.”

When CPI sent Hopkins evidence that, in fact, many judges and government officials had challenged Wheeler’s diagnoses, Hopkins sent the same statement again.

The story is part of a three-part series done in cooperation with ABC News.

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  • MoneyLaunderingNews

    this “dr.” and “hospital” are a DISGRACE to all of humanity! THEY ARE CURSED!

  • Lance Theroux

    This is why we need serious, professional journalism to balance our democracy.

  • Ab Logan

    Two medico-spelunker-frauds in one week.