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Hey kids! It’s sleepout time again!

November 22, 2013

Photo courtesy of the Housing our Neighbors website

Housing Our Neighbors, a community activist group of homeless people and their advocates, is camping out in McKeldin Square Saturday night to raise awareness about the fact that, well, people are still homeless.

It caps off “Homelessness Awareness Week” and will be one of more than 100 similar regional campaigns set to take place across the United States.

The sleepout starts at 5 p.m. down near the Inner Harbor where the occupy movement encamped two years ago. There will be a march to City Hall after that where there will be “public dialogue,” educational programming, and a meal.

The basic rap: Instead of spending $22 million just to demolish vacant houses, why can’t Baltimore develop housing that regular people can afford to rent?

Waiting in line to get into the City Council meeting on Monday Rachel Kutler, one of the organizers of the event, was musing about bringing city officials—maybe even Housing Director Paul Graziano—into the fold.

He is not expected.

Last year the sleepout attracted 200 people, Kutler says—and some cops who forced the group to relocate to a backup camp.

If you join them: long johns. The current weather forecast calls for an overnight low of 32 degrees with little chance of rain or snow.

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