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The Hennessy Heist

March 25, 2014
Half full? Hardly.

Half full? Hardly.

It was a little blurb in the Sun’s police blotter yesterday: On Sunday morning, March 16 at about 5 a.m., someone stole a truck full of cognac on the 7000 block of Quad Avenue in Rosedale: 2142 cases, to be exact.

HOLY CRAP! Cognac can go $50 per bottle, easy. At 12 per case, that’s . . .

Turns out that’s $514,000 worth of Hennessy brand Cognac, according to the Baltimore County Police (or about $22 per bottle). That figure comes from the victim, which would be F.P. Winner LTD., according to the address of the theft. (A call to F.P. Winner’s warehouse manager went unreturned).

Yesterday at 10:45 a.m. officers with the Regional Auto Theft Team (RATT—cute, eh?) recovered the truck—a 2001 Freightliner with a yellow cargo container marked MSC—in Baltimore City at the corner of Monroe and Mulberry Streets.

No cognac was found.

A Baltimore County police spokesman, Corporal John Wacher, says he has not heard of another theft like it in his 19 years as a cop. “It’s probably the highest dollar amount of liquor [stolen] during my career.”

Moving 2100 cases of cognac would appear to be a job for a serious criminal with serious connections.

Wacher says the county police and the RATT team are still on the case. No staties; no feds. “We have a theft investigation; all the property has not been recovered.”

No word yet on whether the bottles were already tax-stamped by the state of Maryland.

F.P. Winner and a related company, Winner Distributing, were bought out (whole or in part) in February by Mitchell Distributing, a Mississippi-based Anheuser-Busch wholesaler, according to a Sun story, which said “it plans to operate both Winner and F.P. Winner from a single warehouse instead of two separate facilities.”

Winner had previously announced 125 layoffs.

Mitchell is a diversified company that does beer deliveries, signs, LED lighting and owns a big cemetery in Missouri. A call to the distributing company president was not immediately returned. We’ll update if or when he calls back.

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