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Hatching A Protest In Front Of The Sun Building

April 1, 2014

chickenportestA chicken on a toilet and someone dressed as Gov. Martin O’Malley staged a protest in front of The Sun building at noon today. An “invoice” was handed out which accused so-called “Big Chicken” companies like Perdue of providing 1.5 billion pounds of manure every year and billing taxpayers $501 million to clean up the Chesapeake Bay while the companies pay nothing. The protestors were advocating for The Poultry Fair Share Act, which “would require the chicken companiesto pay into the Bay Restoration Fund.”

  • B Shenanigans

    Great to see this on April Fools Day! We’ve been fools for far to long for allowing this crap to continue without regulation. Martin O’Smelley (like many Maryland governors) has treated the Eastern Shore very badly. I’m from the Eastern Shore and local residents have been concerned years about the cancer clusters that exist around chicken farms and the media/public image that Perdue, Tyson and the other big companies have cultivated of themselves as benevolent employers is a big fat lie.

    Many of the environmental laws and advocacy we’ve seen in the last ten years around the issue of poultry waste pollution has targeted individual growers rather than the parent companies that have made massive profits by making the Chesapeake ecosystem and the people of this state pay for their mess. The Chesapeake Bay Foundation in particular did a really bad job with this and the change of direction is welcome and overdue. Big Chicken is quaking in its toilet seat at the prospect of this law, not because of the money, but because it knows that this is the beginning of a long battle for justice for the grave damage that it has done to our region, to millions of exploited animals, and to democracy in this state as a whole.

  • Sean Tully

    Why in front of the Sun? Why not in front of the Gov’s House in Annapolis?