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Government shutdown to cause MARC changes, boiling rage…

September 30, 2013
Illustration by Emily Flake

Illustration by Emily Flake

A government shutdown is looking ever-more inevitable, and the Congressional approval ratings at CP HQ are drifting into the sub-zero zone. While we rummage in the basement to find our notes from the last time we considered a move to Canada, we offer some practical info:

* The MTA has announced MARC Train Changes in the Event of a Federal Government Shutdown, which includes changes to the Brunswick and Camden lines.

* The Social Security Administration in Woodlawn will be among several local and regional government offices shut down.

* All national parks, including Ft. McHenry will be shut down – we withstood the British onslaught when Washington was burned by the British. But now that Washington is burning itself, the Fort is apparently helpless.

*This is actually kinda cool: the Sixth & I Historic Synagogue in D.C. will opens its doors tomorrow as a “Shutdown Central” for the many federal government employees looking for a place to gather and vent some inevitable rage. From their announcement: “Throughout the day, there will be Political Ping Pong (red versus blue, with photos of certain government officials on the paddles), bipartisan board games, reading materials, constant streaming of The West Wing, and an informal meeting space with all of the essentials for non-essentials—free coffee, food, and Wifi.”

If you know of any other events or helpful info related to the shutdown, please leave it in the comments…