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Here you go, conservatives: an (alleged) illegal immigrant voter

October 24, 2013

Slicher photoThe debate continues over state voter-ID laws, which are said to prevent election fraud but which in practice may disenfranchise legitimate voters. But here’s a criminal case filed last week in Maryland federal court in which a Belgian national, Fredericus Hubertus Slicher, who allegedly has been in the U.S. unlawfully since April 1969, has been a registered Maryland voter since the election Jimmy Carter won in 1976!

“Since that time,” the indictment states, “Slicher has voted in numerous state and federal elections, knowing that he was not a citizen of the United States and had no lawful authority to vote.”

In order to register as a Maryland voter, Slicher allegedly used a “fraudulent certificate of naturalization,” his indictment says, that he’d been passing around since 1974, opening the door to all sorts of other government benefits – including a U.S. passport and Social Security and Medicare payments.

The 76-year-old is from the Baltimore suburb of Middle River, a purplish if not downright red part of blue Maryland. Thanks to 2004 convictions for child abuse and 3rd degree sex offense, he is on the Maryland Sex Offender Registry – from which the above photograph was obtained – and he’s previously been pinched for theft, in 1997, in a case in which a charge of forging a public document was dropped.

So this is the newest face of election fraud: a very old Belgian sex-offender. Doesn’t quite fit the immigrant profile the voter-ID proponents are thinking about.

  • Zach Kensington

    I agree this guy should have been deported ages ago. Its a disgrace that he votes. This is all the democrats and liberal biased paper can come up with as to why they think that voter id laws are bullshit? I have to show my id to use my credit card, buy liquor, buy cigarettes, apply for a loan, go to a club. But you mean I could walk in to a polling place, pick a name of a neighbor and vote? Whoo hoo! That sounds so stupidly unregulated its laughable. The only reason someone would want no voter ID law is because the illegal immigrants tend to side with their party and they don’t want to lose those illegal votes. What a bunch of bullshit. City Paper, Your bias is showing again LOL Anyone that is against voter ID laws is FOR corruption and illegal immigrants being able to do whatever the hell they want as long as they get that vote.

  • Seek

    Like lawyers in the “discovery” phase of a case, I’m sure your staff worked overtime to track this guy down — the Trophy European! He’s probably the only example you’ll find compared to countless Mexican non-citizens who manage to cast a vote.

  • Nick Jones

    I think, you brain dead walrus, that the point is that ISN’T happening and, IN FACT, it’s a white Republican from Europe that’s been caught. “Countless Mexican Non-Citizens?” Explain to me then why places with the highest non-naturalized immigrant populations are so fucking Red? If they were casting the votes you seem to think they are their lives would be a LOT fucking easier. Idiot.

  • Nick Jones

    Yes, exactly, this is ALL it could find which indicates that it’s not really a problem like you fear mongering, overly entitled, assumably lard-assed, regressives want to believe. If it was an issue don’t you think there would have been MORE reported instances? And, in fact, the only “caught” voter fraud in the last election was a Republican, US born, white woman. As far as getting “illegal votes” don’t you think that things would be a lot more Blue and Liberal in states with high undocumented populations? How about you pay the fuck attention to what is actually going on IN politics and how your precious Republican “leaders” are dry fucking this nation up the ass without a hand job and not to straw man issues that give your jellied brain something to think it’s being on pointe about?