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Five Things Baltimore McDonald’s’s are known for

April 16, 2014

hot coffee cupThe humble Mickey D’s is one of the last bedrock cultural experiences that all Americans share. But despite the corporate concentration on standardization, every McDonald’s reflects its surroundings. We were reminded of this fact the other day when the New Yorker’s Jeffrey Toobin published some observations from his recent Baltimore jaunt. He needed to speak with people who had experienced the city jail. He was directed to a McDonald’s on North Avenue, where he found many folks experienced with and willing to talk about the horrendous jail.  So, besides being brimming with ex-cons (which is Number 1 on our listicle), what are Baltimore Micky-D’s famous for?

2. Being unable to produce a Diet Coke in three months of trying!  (North Avenue at Charles Street—the same one that Toobin visited)

3. Fake lottery winners! A woman who worked at a Mindsor Mill McDonalds infuriated 15 co-workers in April, 2012, after claiming that she had one of three tickets for a $105 million jackpot—but that the winner was not one of the one’s she’d purchased as part of the pool with her co-workers. Later it was revealed that she did not have any winning ticket, though that apparently stokes the conspiracy theory her co-workers had developed.

4. Hate Crimes! In April, 2011 Chrissie Lee Polis was trying to go to the bathroom in the Rosedale McDonald’s when a 19-year-old woman—Teonna Brown—started beating her. A 14-year-old girl then joined in, the two stomping Polis until she went into a seizure. Of course there was a bystander—reportedly a McDonald’s employee, helpfully giggling and shooting a phone video. Brown later apologized and was sentenced to five years in prison.

5. Sponsoring “Coffee With a Cop.

coffee w a cop

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  • Nick

    The fucking McDonald’s at 29th and Greenmount doesn’t have diet coke either. The fuck?

  • Dayglo

    There’s a cultural reason for the lack of diet drinks in predominantly poor communities (comprising all races). Little or no effort is given to vending “diet” items even though they’re on the menu. Diet food items aren’t top of mind with the poorest fast food consumers and that’s been well documented. For an experiment, try ordering a salad or baked potato from a Wendy’s restaurant located in a poorer area of town. You’re likely to be laughed out of the drive-thru.

  • Sean Tully

    They are famous for their logoed trash blowing all over my city.