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Feds Accuse Sonar’s Daniel McIntosh of Participating in Massive Pot Conspiracy

July 8, 2011

Daniel McIntosh at a City Paper party September 2005. Photo by Frank Hamilton

Daniel McIntosh, the principal owner of downtown Baltimore’s Sonar nightclub, has been accused in a federal indictment of participating in a cross-country marijuana conspiracy involving more than 1,000 kilograms of the drug and $30 million in proceeds over an eight-year period, according to court documents.

City Paper obtained a heavily redacted copy of the indictment from federal court records in Florida, where one of McIntosh’s alleged co-conspirators was arrested in April. The indictment says the conspiracy lasted from 2001 until June 2009 and involved bringing California-grown pot to Maryland, and then distributing it in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Kansas, Florida, North Carolina, Georgia, Ohio, and elsewhere. The conspiracy used “aircraft, tractor trailers, trains, and other vehicles” for transporting pot and cash, the indictment says, and warehouses, “purchased and rented residences,” vehicles, and “a storage unit” for preparing the drug for distribution and for counting and collecting cash proceeds.

It is unclear from the redacted indictment what role McIntosh is alleged to have played in the scheme. He had his first appearance in U.S. District Court in Greenbelt, Md., on June 24, and is presently on home detention, according to court records. His court-appointed attorney, Carmen Hernandez, says McIntosh “definitely intends to plead not guilty” in the case, and emphasizes that “there is no indication that there is any connection to Sonar in this, and the government has made no allegations to that effect.”

So far, the case has been unsealed as it pertains to nine co-conspirators, including McIntosh, but the total number of those accused comes to at least 15 people, with McIntosh being listed as the 14th defendant, according to court records. The indictment was first filed under seal on Dec. 15, 2010, and a recent motion in the case indicates that a superseding indictment has since been handed down, but remains under seal.

Maryland U.S. Attorney’s Office spokesperson Vickie LeDuc says the office has no comment about the case.

McIntosh has a prior criminal record involving pot, as City Paper reported in 2007, when another nightclub he ran—Talking Head—closed down.

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