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Details emerge about Maryland man alleged to supply meth to the Outlaws Motorcycle Club in Philly

June 5, 2013

Outlaws logoWhen a new indictment was unsealed in May as part of the FBI’s probe of methamphetamine dealing and extortion involving the Philadelphia chapter of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club, another Maryland man – the third, out of the four charged so far – was revealed to be involved. At the time, little information was available Robert Mansfield, but thanks to a court filing made yesterday by Pennsylvania assistant U.S. attorney Robert Livermore, details have now emerged – including the assertion that he apparently lives in Baltimore.

Livermore, in requesting that Mansfield be detained pending trial, described him as “a significant drug trafficker from Baltimore” who was “the main supplier of the Outlaws Motorcycle Gang in Philadelphia,” and “told the Outlaws that he could obtain unlimited quantities of pure methamphetamine directly from a Mexican drug cartel,” from which he “had recently received $100,000 worth of drugs.”

“In January 2013,” Livermore’s filing continued, “Mansfield sold approximately 2 pounds of nearly pure methamphetamine to the President of the Outlaws Motorcycle Gang,” Ronald Sells, of Churchville, Md. “Fortunately, an FBI confidential human source (CHS) had infiltrated the Outlaws and the FBI seized the drugs.” Afterwards, though, Mansfield and “others working on” his behalf “left the CHS a series of chilling voicemail messages which threatened the life of the CHS and his family.” At the time, “Mansfield was on state parole in Maryland” and “had failed to report to his parole officer for many months. If convicted of these offenses, Mansfield faces a mandatory life sentence on account of his two prior drug trafficking convictions and the seriousness of the present charges.”

Livermore provided a litany of information about Mansfield’s criminal record, including two drug-dealing convictions – one in March 2006 and the other in April 2009 – and a five-year prison sentence in 2009 for being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm. “He was released from prison on May 31, 2012,” Livermore added, and “remains on parole until February 16, 2014.”

Mansfield “apparently lives in Baltimore,” Livermore continued, “although he lives almost entirely off the public record,” “does not own a home, and “does not have any vehicles titled in his name.”

Sells and his co-defendant, Michael “Maniac” Privett of Baltimore, who is alleged to have been the Philly Outlaws’ “Warlock,” or enforcer,  have already pleaded guilty to the indictment against them. Mansfield’s co-defendant and alleged drug-dealing partner, Joseph Malcolm, has not yet had a court appearance in the case. Livermore’s filing says that, in January, Malcolm did not accompany his co-conspirators on a trip to try to collect a meth debt from the CHS “because he was on electronic monitoring and wearing an ankle bracelet,” indicating he was then under court supervision.

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