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Council meeting tonight will vote on “One Plus One” trash changes

June 1, 2009


A few readers have kindly informed us that the city’s new “One Plus One” trash law is scheduled for final passage tonight, not next Monday as we reported. Not sure what happened; we checked the council schedule on-line before posting the piece & saw June 8 as the next meeting. Either we misread it or the city had a temporary error on its council web site.

At any rate, if you’re interested in this bill, tonight’s the night.

DPW spokeswoman Celeste Amato also said we erred in saying the bill was passed without amendment, as it was changed substantially in committee from its original version. That is so, but what the council advanced at its last meeting was a “second reader” version, and Councilman William Cole’s attempt to amend that was rebuffed.

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