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City Street Collapses amid Deluge

April 30, 2014
26th Street, between St. Paul and Charles

26th Street, between St. Paul and Charles (photograph by Stacey Mink)

(See UPDATE with latest info, mayor’s comments, and link to video)

The south side of 26th Street between St. Paul and Charles St. collapsed onto the CSX tracks below this afternoon after hours of steady downpours and flood warnings. Police on the scene told an eyewitness that there were no known injuries or fatalities.

Chris Merriam, the founder of Bikemore (and the roommate of City Paper calendar editor Brandon Weigel), was two blocks away when the street collapsed. “It sounded like thunder,” he says. By the time Merriam made it to the scene police and fire teams had arrived and were trying to secure the area.

“The whole sidewalk and part of the street just disappeared,” Merriam says. “A bunch of cars went down with it, some were teetering, and others were totally fine.”

Merriam estimates that 100 people were on the scene, including neighbors who say they had been warning the city about a potential collapse for months. “There was apparently a big crack in the middle of the street,” he reports. “They were saying it was only a matter of time.”

  • Val

    Photo credit Stacey Mink please.

  • pootietang

    Hopefully we can finally elect a democrat next time to fix things like this! HAHA! Baltimore is ridiculous

  • Baltimorian

    Dumbass, Baltimore hasn’t had a Republican mayor since 1967, and it’s still going to shit. Learn your facts before you blame things on a political party.

  • pootietang

    Wow. Maybe a democrat will be able to finally fix our educational system too! You clearly could use some help….