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City principals circulate memo slamming interim schools CEO Tisha Edwards

June 11, 2013

A three-page memo titled, “PSASA Members Say ‘No!’ to Tisha Edwards as CEO of BCPSS,” apparently aimed at the school board, has been circulating among administrators at the city’s public schools.

Written “on behalf of most of the Administrators, Principals and Assistant Principals of Baltimore City Public Schools,” the memo lists several reasons, both professional and personal, why Tisha Edwards, outgoing schools CEO Dr. Andres Alonso’s chief of staff and handpicked successor, should not be appointed the new CEO of schools. “We vehemently reject the idea” of Edwards’ appointment, it says.

The memo suggests that Jimmy Gittings, president of the principals union (Public School Administrators and Supervisors Association, or PSASA) who has said he would support Edwards appointment, “does not speak for the majority of our members on this issue.”

The letter suggests that Edwards is unqualified because she doesn’t hold a teaching certificate and hasn’t “worked successfully as a teacher for 3 years as required by Maryland State Department of Education. ” It also describes her as a “professional bully” and accuses her of “reverse racism.” It also accuses Edwards of having an affair with a BCPS employee while she was married.

The letter also includes many basic errors, misspelling words like publicly (“publically”) and barrage (“berage”).

The full text of the letter is below. (City Paper redacted some names).

UPDATE: The official PSASA response.