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City Paper Responds to Your Tips!

August 1, 2008

A helpful and observant City Paper reader left a voice-mail message on my phone last night. “[I] read your article,” the anonymous man said. “Write another one. Morales is out, you dumb fuck.” And so he is.

Jose J. Morales (Jr.), whose adventures in crime and unlicensed contracting City Paper has chronicled here, here, and here, posted a $30,000 cash bail on July 25.

“Well, he’s on the street,” Baltimore District Court Administrative Commissioner Jimmie Foxworth says, adding that he does not know the name of the judge who set that bail.

Morales appeared in Howard County Dis­trict Court this morn­ing to face bad-check charges, says T. Wayne Kir­wan, spokesman for the Howard County State’s Attorney’s Office.* He was accom­pa­nied by his lawyer, Stan­ley Needle­man, who asked for a jury trial.

*Correction: Kirwan called later to correct this–Morales did not appear that day; Needleman appeared and had the hearing postponed.