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City cop kills girlfriend’s puppy; charged with felony

March 5, 2014

AlecTaylor-236x300A Baltimore City Police officer was arrested in Montgomery County today and charged with aggravated animal cruelty, a felony.

Alec E. Taylor, 27, who has been with the department for five years and was assigned to the Southwest District, turned himself in to Montgomery County police after learning that a warrant for his arrest had been filed last night.

Montgomery police say Taylor was at his girlfriend’s home on Wednesday, Feb. 26 when her seven-month old Jack Russell terrier, Rocko, defecated on the carpet. Taylor later told Animal Control officers he forced the dog from behind a dryer with a mop and then strangled it. The afternoon he texted his girlfriend that the dog was dead, including a picture. From the official press release:

In a followup phone call between the complainant and Taylor, Taylor said that he was tired of cleaning up the dog’s defecation and that he had beaten the dog with a mop.  He also said that he had placed the deceased dog in a dumpster in the parking lot.  The complainant asked Taylor if he could remove Rocko from the dumpster so that she could bury the dog.  At approximately 6:30 p.m. that evening, the complainant returned home from work, retrieved the deceased dog from a shoebox on the apartment balcony, and buried the dog at a neighborhood park in Hyattsville.

The girlfriend—who does not want to comment to the media–called police on Feb. 28. County Animal services dug the dog up and performed a necropsy—an animal autopsy. They found that the dog died from internal hemorrhaging from its liver, probably as a result of being beaten with the mop handle.

Word got out in the animal rescue community within days. Paul Reed Jr. is part of that community, and he says he contacted others privately about the incident to monitor how police handled it. “I am very pro cop,” he says. “Some are in rescue. I couldn’t care less who did it. When I heard what happened, I was gonna make sure something was done. I would have outed the Pope.”

Taylor does not appear to be big on animal welfare. A series of posts on what looks like Taylor’s Facebook page show him laughing about a deer that broke its neck on an iron fence.

Jayne Miller of WBAL TV reported the puppy killing last night but withheld Taylor’s name, as he had not yet been charged.

Baltimore police released a statement at 1:30 today regarding the arrest:

The Baltimore Police Department is conducting an administrative investigation into the incident contained in the charges filed this morning by the Montgomery County Police Department against Officer Alec Taylor.  Allegations of animal cruelty are taken seriously by the Baltimore Police Department.  Over the course of the last year significant emphasis has been placed on developing and training investigators to handle animal abuse incidents in Baltimore.  Alec Taylor is a five-year veteran of the Department will be suspended without pay.


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  • mediazorba

    Nice guy. NOT! I hope he gets his, preferably in the same way as the puppy!

  • Janice Brown

    Sounds like he has no anger control, maybe he can work on that while in jail. Certainly not police officer material!

  • Ed

    Sicko. This is somebody you don’t want walking the street with a loaded gun.

  • TheNigerianWarlord

    #FelonyForADog??? #SMDH