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BPD Officer Charged in Heroin Ring

July 19, 2011

A Baltimore City Police officer was arrested on federal heroin trafficking charges today, and a seven-count indictment was unsealed in Federal District Court.

Daniel G. Redd, 41, was arrested at the Northwest Police District by fellow city officers. According to a press release from U.S. Attorney Rod Rosenstein’s office, four other people were also charged, and Redd had distributed heroin from the Northwest Police District parking lot.

The others arrested are: Abdul Zakaria, aka “Tamim Mamah,” 34, of Owings Mills; Shanel Stallings, aka “Bit,” 32, of Baltimore; Dyrell Garrett, aka “D,”  33, of Randallstown; and Malik Jones, 40, of Owings Mills.

Redd’s phone was tapped beginning Feb. 28, according to a search warrant affidavit unsealed today. Zakaria and Redd led the group, according to the search and seizure warrant, which further alleges that

Daniel REDD, a sworn uniformed Baltimore City Police Officer, and Tamim MAMAH are and have been conspiring with each other, and others, to distribute and possess with intent to distribute heroin. The evidence to date reveals that MAMAH and others obtain heroin from sources of supply in Africa, and distributes the heroin to his customers, including REDD, Thomas MOODY, Dyrell GARRETT and Malik JONES. REDD, in turn distributes the heroin to others, such as Montez MOYE, Shanel STALLINGS and Kevin HILLIARD. At times, members of the conspiracy provide heroin to one another, as needed.

Federal agents searched Redd’s rowhouse at 4423 Shamrock Ave., his Acura, and his police locker, the warrant indicates. Also searched were Stallings’ home and car, the homes and cars of Thomas A. Moody, 41; Montez Lamont Moye, 27; Kevin Lamont Hilliard, 43; Dyrell A. Garrett, 33, and Jones.

The Sun’s Peter Hermann  was out with this first, including some background on Redd’s checkered past with the Baltimore Police Department:

Redd was first hired in 1994, but was fired in 2002 after being found asleep on the job at the reservoir at Druid Hill Park, where he was supposed to be on anti-terrorist duty, The Sun reported in 2004. Redd sued and was rehired under a court order, and the city had to pay him $75,000 in back pay.

State court documents indicate that this is the fourth time Redd has faced criminal charges.

Redd’s criminal record includes a 1996 second-degree assault charge, which was not prosecuted. In 1997 he was issued a summons for allegedly having an item from which the serial number had been removed. He was found not guilty of that misdemeanor charge. In 2002 he was cited for confining an unattended child under 8 years old in a locked vehicle. That charge was placed on the stet docket.

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