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Birds fans take flight – to San Francisco

August 9, 2013

20130809_113955During the Orioles games in San Diego on Tuesday and Wednesday, you could see all sorts of people wearing black and orange in a ballpark where the Padres team colors are blue and gray. You could hear them too: someone told me the “O” was quite audible during the Star Spangled Banner as well.

When my friends and I first made plans to follow the team all the way to San Francisco for this weekend’s games. I thought we were doing something special and perhaps unique. But as our departure date drew nearer I heard more and more from people who were also going. When I arrived at BWI around 6:30 this morning, I merged with a sea of black and orange passing through the gate – dozens of people.

During a delayed transfer in Atlanta I met Melissa Burger and Adam Highcove of Towson (pictured), who like me were making their first visit to San Francisco’s AT&T Park. Melissa’s a transplant from Miami who said it was easy to make the transition from Marlins fan to Orioles. Adam’s a lifelong Os fan who has never ventured further than DC for a road game and said it felt natural to see so many people flying the Orioles colors at the airport this morning. “It’s what I’m used to seeing all around town, it makes me smile,” he said.

It might be difficult to differentiate between Orioles and Giants fans at the ballpark tonight as both teams wear the same colors, but I’ll be listening for the big “O.”