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Biked Down and Busted

February 16, 2011

Ran a quick errand, via bike, to the Abel Wolman building on Holliday Street. I bypassed the bike rack in front of the building in favor of a parking sign right in front of the door…out of sheer laziness. As I’m unlocking my bike, a man and woman come up to me.

Man: There’s a bike rack over there, ya know (tilts his head).

Me: Uh…

Woman: Why didn’t you use the bike rack?

Man: Is it too far?

Me: Err, I guess…

Woman: It’s not that far is it?

Me: (I shrug) I don’t know, it’s not that far I guess.
(Awkward pause. I fumble with my lock. Why are these people interrogating me?)

Me: (dawning realization) Do you guys work in planning?

Them: (laughing) Yeah…

Me: Oh, sorry, I promise I’ll use it next time. I’ll help justify them.

Woman: Thanks!

Man: Ok, thanks.