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Besty™ is Back!

October 23, 2013

besty returnsAs we reported, City Paper‘s Best of Baltimore mascot, Besty™, went missing after our Best of Baltimore party last month. A week later, the Besty™-nappers sent pictures of Besty™ blindfolded, with a (toy) gun to his head. Since then, we had heard nothing.

Concerned, we started posting on Facebook and Twitter looking for information about Besty‘s whereabouts. Today, a man dropped Besty™ off in the vestibule at CP HQ and took off (we got his license plate number). As you can see from the picture, the CP staff staff was elated to have its polyester blend-buddy back. He needs a good dry cleaning (who doesn’t?) but he’s otherwise no worse for wear.

kkAbout an hour later, the Besty™-nappers sent some pictures, including this one (left), confirming our suspicions. From the first round of pics, we suspected they might be strip-club staffers (some of whom were in attendance at the party where Besty™ went missing). And the pics show that Besty™ was indeed at Scores. We’re glad to have him back.


  • BaltimoreDave

    I think you should nap one of their stripers in return.

  • Nansizzle

    Do you think he came back willingly? He looked like he was having a very good time. Anyhow, glad he’s back, but you might want to get him checked out for, well, you know, communicable diseases.