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A Magazine About Your City Council District

April 27, 2012

Freshman City Councilman Nick Mosby has published an ambitious web-based (Flash Player) “magazine” called Seven, looking back at his first 100 days in office and featuring several well-written mini features about some highlights of the district such as the STEM school, Art Blocks and Shalik Fulton, an up-and-coming young leader. Mosby also highlights a liquor ordinance he introduced which would prohibit liquor stores from selling anything (not just booze) to people under 21 years old. (That bill, 12-0050, is awaiting reports from the health department and the liquor board).

There’s also a map of the district with contact numbers for community resources (the Commission on Aging, Baltimore Substance Abuse Systems, etc.) and the requisite hyperbole: “2400 hours is just a fragment of time Councilman Nick J. Moseby has spent working for the people of the 7th District.”

Wow: 24-7 since you were sworn in—all on behalf of the constituents? How do your bosses at Verizon feel about that?

All kidding aside, as political propaganda goes, this is pretty slick.

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