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October 31, 2003

Submitted by Thayer Young of Baltimore:

“I am freaked out that the city is asking for my opinion about how the Howard St bridge should be painted but they aren’t allowing me to vote for the classic Orange and White! The Howard St bridge is like comfort food! I drive downtown on the JFX and amidst the all the boring and ugly and beautiful sights there’s the Howard St bridge to shock me and say “You’re here man! This is Downtown Baltimore!” The sedate coloring of Charles and St Paul’s fit their serious character, and the splash of yellow on Guilford aludes to our creativity, but Howard just has to stay ORANGE to say “this town knows how to have fun!” Better definitely isn’t going to be good enough if Howard Street goes green (as though City Hall isn’t already spending enough of its time focused on corporate green)!”

What’s wrong with green, Thayer?