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October 14, 2003

More reader email:

I am looking out my window at yet another multiple Car accident. An almost daily event on my street.

3 or 4 cars in the accident. I call 911, one fire truck, one ambulance, and one squad car with two officers show up.

One person in the accident or a neighbor directs the busy traffic as the two Baltimore City Police officers write notes for reports, collect names and stand around.

I know Baltimore Police do not receive the best training and are subject to an underworld we can only Imagine with no help from the justice system, but I expect a little bit more out of folks who can force their perception of a situation in suburbia with a gun, and the right to use it on anyone they deem necessary.

I have spoken with many City workers that qualify an area for proper signs. you know them, the folks who ride around in those crappy little Baltimore City Chevy Cavilers.

They say they can do nothing. they did put a stop sign where there was one already. No sign on the 40 MPH Street where a sign needs to be. A sign like ” Slowdown”, Blind Drive”, “STOP”.

One hour after the 4 car accident. The fire truck and squad car are still there and the man who was in the accident is still directing traffic in a 40 MPH intersection where people think 55MPH is OK.

Please tell me what I need to do to fix this situation.

Matthew Mickelson