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Sun Spotting: UPDATE

March 9, 2014

imgresNow that we are set up in our new Calvert St. offices, we’re going to be taking a closer look at the doings of our neighbors downstairs.

As The Sun reported Friday, on Feb 21, a police officer “forcibly escorted Baltimore Sun photo editor Chris Assaf away from the scene of a police-involved shooting.” Robert Hamilton, The Sun‘s director of photography, wrote a piece, “In Defense of the First Amendment,” to go along with all of the photos of the incident, which are chilling. Hamilton didn’t mention the arrest of City Paper photographer Noah Scialom at a performance at the Coward Shoe building last November (we posted photos of that encounter too), but Poynter remembered it. Still, Chris Assaf, thanks for fighting for us all.

Speaking of the Coward Shoe, Sun columnist Jacques Kelly really needs to do some reporting. He went for a stroll down Howard St. last week and wrote “I kept walking and spotted the old Coward Shoe building on Howard near Saratoga. Someone has fixed it up.” If he asked around, or ever read City Paper, he might have known that the location is a venue, now called Summa. You can come upstairs and ask, if you need,  Jacques.

When we were uncertain about our own jobs last week, it was nice to see that the Sun was advertising for an investigative reporter, not only because it was a possible job for one of us, but because it meant The Sun was expanding. Now, we see that Scott Calvert announced on Twitter last Thursday that, after 14 years at The Sun, he has accepted a job at the Wall Street Journal.  This week’s report on the Lexington Market is not a bad way to go out. We wish him luck.

Initially*, we thought that this meant there was not to be an expansion, but, as it turns out, one new investigative position has reportedly been filled and The Sun is still looking to hire, in order to fill out a larger investigative team. Bravo! More on the new hire as soon as we can confirm.

Finally, in the interest of full disclosure, several Sun reporters invited a few of our folks down the the Sidebar for some drinks this week to welcome us, which we all enjoyed. Thanks.

*This post originally reported that there were no evident expansions. City Paper regrets the error.

  • A F James MacArthur

    Indeed, the arrest of Noah was curiously omitted from the Sun piece. I remembered when this happened, perhaps it was missed, but I basically lost it on twitter for a moment at the time, as I so often do before regaining composure.

    I’m absolutely sickened by the continued, callous disregard of Baltimore Police Department for the the rights of citizens, reporters, photographers, or what have you. It’s the law. But they ignore it, and no one is doing a damn thing to compel them to comply with our constitutional rights.

    It is troubling to me how many cases here have been publicized, but the Sun & other mainstream simply ignore and act as if it’s no big deal.

    Keep doing that, until it’s your turn to be on the receiving end of this garbage, which the light of media exposure could go a long ways towards cleaning up. Though I wish this on no one, though with a voice who choose to remain silent when they should be shouting, they share a part to blame.

  • bosco222

    Jacques Kelly can’t figure out what neighborhood he’s in, don’t count on him to figure out what is happening on Howard Street. His mind is stuck in 1940.

  • SeekingClarity

    So to recap, in your post about how shitty the Sun is and how it needs to do more reporting, you had to run a correction because you wrote something without checking to see if your assumptions were right (aka “reporting”)? And your feelings are hurt because in a Sun piece about one of its own staff members being pushed around by police, they didn’t mention you? What grade are you in?