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Zagat picks Maryland’s best pizza

December 26, 2013

Bacon-Delight-Pizza-e1348201612519Did you know it was a holiday this week? Neither did we!

Luckily, venerable foodie bible Zagat’s alerted us to the arrival of Pizza Week and to celebrate, the editors picked the top pizza from each state in a feature called “50 States, 50 Pizzas.”

The winner for Maryland was the bacon and clam pie from Station North stalwart Joe Squared:

This popular Baltimore pizzeria makes use of its primo local seafood by plopping it onto pizzas. Joe Squared’s thin-crust pizzas are coal-fired and made with sourdough starter. Options include multiple crab pizza, one loaded with four types of seafood, and a bacon and clam pie made with white sauce, mozzarella, Romano, asiago and oregano.

We could quibble, but why bother. No doubt, Joe makes a great pie. Congrats on the title. Now, time to decorate our Pizza Week tree….

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  • William Bond

    That Zagat’s picked ‘Joe-Squared’ as ‘best pizza’ is like saying Chef Boyardee was the best Italian… ‘Squared’ doesn’t make pizza, they make a sort of matzo cracker-bread with runny tomatoes and other shit on it for people who would complain about the pizza at Verde or Hersh’s…

  • David K

    This is dead on

  • William Bond

    Thank you, David K…!

  • Kelly Belk

    Mathew’s rules!!! Our House in Tide Point even better!

  • D-Money

    Love Bagby Pizza Co. too! Solid pizzas with great ingredients…

  • Desmond Edwards

    I definitely agree with this statement. There are TONS of establishments that make more appetizing pizzas. I’m still a huge fan of BOP and Matthew’s! Besides these “awards” are based off the opinion of either one or a small group of biased people anyway.

  • Danielle Sweeney

    Joe’s is good (but bacon and clam? on a pizza? ), but Verde and Hersh’s are better.

  • Dan__Watson

    I’d say Matthews or Verde is more “best in the state” territory (although that’s always kind of silly thing to designate, particularly for all 50 states), and Joe Squared is acceptable work delivery lunch.