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The Charmery offers “Heisenberg” flavor

September 26, 2013

The Charmery Breaking BadHampden’s The Charmery wasn’t picked Best Ice Cream Shop in our Best of Baltimore issue for nothing.

The shop, which just opened this summer, has a great stable of creative flavors,  like Berger cookies and cream and Old Bay caramel, and they’ve augmented that, partnering with the likes of Union Brewery and Spro Coffee on new flavors.

But now they’ve got the “Heisenberg” flavor, named after Walter White’s alias on Breaking Bad, and it’s kinda brilliant. From an email announcing the new offering:

The Heisenberg is a Tahitian vanilla base with Crystal Blue(berry) pieces. The pieces throughout the ice cream are actually blueberry mochi which is a Japanese gummy candy made out of rice. Unlike regular gummies (ie gummy bears) mochi retains it’s chewy delicious texture when frozen.

Check it out starting Friday…

  • Sean

    I would expect nothing less than complete insensitivity to addiction from a shop in Hampden.

  • William Bond

    Sean, you just won ‘Most Inane’ comment of the year in City Paper. Quite an accomplishment!