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Sounds like the Maryland Bacon Festival was a shit show

April 28, 2014

The first-ever Maryland Bacon Festival was held last Saturday at Rash Field, offering a variety of dishes featuring the salted pork, music, beer, vendors, and more. With chamber of commerce weather and great food, what could possibly go wrong? Apparently everything.

An overwhelming number of reviews on the Maryland Bacon Festival’s Facebook page were strongly negative, with attendees complaining about long lines, confusing ticket policies, and a lack of food. Below are a few samples:bacon1bacon2bacon3
Yikes! Naturally, this prompted a response from the organizers, which reads:

A message from the MD Bacon Festival,

We want to thank all who attended the MD Bacon Festival this weekend. While a lot went right with the event and thousands of people ate thousands of bacon themed food items, listened to great music, and got to enjoy a new Inner Harbor festival, we recognized the same problems and issues that many people are currently commenting on. We are taking everyone’s comments very seriously so that we can learn from some of the things that went wrong with the event, and as promoters, our primary goal was only to deliver a quality event that everyone could enjoy.

We understand and sympathize with the displeasure over this first showing, and we hope you will accept our sincere apology if your experience was not what you had hoped for. We can promise you that when we produce another Bacon Festival, be it here or elsewhere, every shortcoming of Saturday’s event will be addressed, and we will not make the same mistakes twice. Our solutions to the issues with this past event will be clearly spelled out on our website, so you will be able to see that we take our role as event organizers very seriously, and we will strive to make our future events more successful.

Please feel free to address your concerns with us directly by emailing us at

We sincerely welcome all feedback, and want to hear both your complaints and your suggestions.

Thank you
MD Bacon Festival

Doesn’t sound like there’s much hope of getting your money back, bacon lovers. Did you attend? Tell us about your experience in the comments.

  • Denise

    “Hey, we saw your comments, and we give zero f*cks! Come again next year so we can do it again!”

    I had a friend tell me he would have come up to this if I’d told him. Luckily, I didn’t know. Bullet dodged!

    (Here’s hoping that the folks that got the shaft get some kind of discount for what sounds like a horrible way to spend a day.)

  • jazzhands

    The whole idea itself is stupid. It’s bacon, eat it and shut up. Don’t make a fucking festival out of it. But this just proves that there are idiots out there willing to spend $70 on a VIP ticket to a bacon festival…hahahahahahaha! hahahahhahahahah! Jesus christ…stick that bacon wrapped donut up your ass will you.

  • dooder

    How shitty does life have to be in West VA that people would drive into Baltimore for a Bacon Festival?

  • Shelly Bazensky

    This was such a horrible experience. The lines and the disorganization. What a mess. Overpriced chaos

  • StevenHjalmarJohnson

    “…thousands of people”?

  • Anne Ominous

    the organizers must be laughing all the way to the bank

  • Toyaaaaaaaa

    What vendor had the bacon on the stick? I believe it was Cambridge something omggggggg i gotta have that again!