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Sippin’ on that “illegal” Mezcal

September 10, 2013

061Beginning in 2004, John Rexer would regularly smuggle Mezcal from Oaxaca, Mexico across the creek to his bar in Antigua, Guatemala, Café No Se (“I don’t know” in Spanish). Robbin Haas, owner of Birroteca and one-time proprietor of a bar in Antigua and a friend of Rexer’s became a fan of the smoky stuff.

“It’s extremely smooth, like cognac,” Haas says. “You don’t pound it like tequila. It’s more of sipping drink.” Haas and Rexer remained friends as Rexer and business partner Steve Myers continued bringing Mezcal over the border – increasing its distribution around the world, and finally getting the stuff legalized in 2009. They retained the name Ilegal Mezcal in honor of its storied beginnings. Tonight (Tues. 9/10) and tomorrow (Wed. 9/11), Myers will be pouring Ilegal Mezcal at Birroteca, 6:30-9:30. “We’ll be mixing it and making unique cocktails,” says Haas. And of course, sipping it straight up.