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Salt to Open New Bar in Locust Point

June 13, 2014


Salt, the perennially praised Butchers Hill restaurant, will be expanding to the other side of the harbor when they open their 30-seat bar in the former location of The House (1157 Haubert St.) in Locust Point. Chef/Owner Jason Ambrose tells us that although they’re still in the design and permit acquisition phases, they do know there will be a full kitchen, but to expect small plates, cheaper prices, and more of a bar than restaurant focus.

We fondly remember that corner as the longtime home to dive bar Down The Hatch, where back in the day—if we’re being honest—we could frequently be found enjoying cheap American beers from a frosty mug and impossibly delicious drunk frozen pizzas “baked” in a makeshift toaster oven. While we may wax poetic about that era, we’re sure we’re not alone when we say we’re pretty stoked about this upgrade.

Ambrose says the Locust Point neighborhood is a great area for the new concept due to its proximity to other bars, restaurants, and commercial spaces—unlike Salt, which he jokes “sometimes feels like an island [in residential Butchers Hill].” We’re sure it doesn’t hurt that Under Armour’s headquarters is right across the street.

We’re told that although the schedule is very volatile as of now, Ambrose hopes to be manning the kitchen (at least to start) by as early as this fall.

  • Eli

    Exciting news…Salt is one of my favorite restaurants in the city.