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A sad day for the Pizzas of Angelo’s Pizza

April 11, 2014


It’s a sad day for pizza in Baltimore—and for the Pizzas of Baltimore. Angelo’s Pizza in Hampden, co-owned by Angelo and Tommy Pizza—yes, that’s their last name—has closed down, according to the Sun.

Mr. Wrong wrote about Angelo’s and its “Big Slice” in City Paper‘s recent PIZZA issue:

Angelo’s is the home of “The Big Slice,” and of course everyone should experience this once in their pizza-life, because it is an opportunity break the rule about never eating anything bigger than your head. Also, everybody should find a reason to purchase a whole entire giant novelty-sized pie used to make “The Big Slice,” because nothing makes people happier at a public gathering than to see someone show up with a pizza the size of half a ping-pong table, seriously, it’s a great way to make friends, Pizza Diplomacy. I frequent Angelo’s because an image of the regular, non-giant Angelo’s pie is what pops into the pizza-shaped thought-bubble over my head when I think of pizza, a large pie that barely fits into the box, and the slices are kinda flat in the middle with a big chewy crust-handle to hang on to, not too much sauce, lotsa salty cheese, and a lovely little scattering of herbs over the whole schmear. Two slices usually gets me there, but of course there’s always room for a third slice, or sure, maybe a fourth if nobody’s looking, who am I kidding. I like to keep it basic at Angelo’s, one or two toppings, usually just pepperoni. Also makes for a killer leftover cold-pizza-for-breakfast slice, if there’s any left.

Baltimore tweeters including former CP editor Lee Gardner declared their sadness at the news, and wondered about the future of the Pizzas:

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A clue to the fate of the local Pizza institution might have come in Noah Scialom’s “How’s It Goin’” column, on page 76 of that same City Paper pizza issue (pictured). In it, “Tommy Pizza, like the pie,” responds that it’s goin’, “like the rest of the country, terrible… Quiznos just filed for bankruptcy”:

Screen shot 2014-04-11 at 1.07.59 PM

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