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Pabu and Woodberry Kitchen Team Up For Two More Pop-Ups

January 31, 2014

unnamedEarlier this week Pabu suffered a major water main break that has left the Japanese cuisine specialists temporarily close.

Instead of sitting around twiddling thumbs, though, the restaurant is partnering with Spike Gjerde and his Woodberry team for TWO pop-ups next week: a fried chicken night at Shoo Fly happening Monday and Tuesday, followed by a collaboration with Pabu Chef Jonah Kim dubbed “Jonah-fact” going down Thursday through Saturday night at Artifact.

While the details are still being hashed out for both events, the fried chicken event may be similar to the Fried Chicken Smackdown held at Pabu back in December, a competition that included Woodberry Kitchen and ultimately was won by Chef Kim’s version of “Korean Style” wings; a style becoming increasingly hailed among food lovers, where the wing is double-fried, creating an extra crispy skin ripe for various sauces without getting soggy; something frankly most wing joints in Baltimore could learn from. So if you’re not over your Super Bowl gorge-fest, 8pm at Shoo-Fly would be a good place to continue it.

The second pop-up, Jonah-fact, won’t have its menu nailed down until the days leading up to the event due to the uncertainty of the products available, but we do know that it will feature a Korean take on ingredients acquired through Woodberry’s network of local farms. One thing that is nailed down is that Artifact will be taking reservations for the event, something they certainly must have adapted to after hearing complaints about the long waits at their first-come, first-serve pop-up Tokifact. Reservations are available for two seatings, at either 6:30 or 8:30 on all three nights. Hopefully there’s Soju. Lots of Soju.

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