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Ozzy Osbourne sends cease and desist to Brewer’s Art over Ozzy Ale

March 26, 2014

tattooozzycansBIGRock legend Ozzy Osbourne, best known as the frontman of heavy metal pioneers Black Sabbath, has sent a cease and desist letter to the Brewer’s Art over its Belgian strong pale ale named Ozzy.

In an email, Tom Creegan, a partner in the local brewpub and restaurant, said negotiations are ongoing and the outcome remains uncertain. He said he was unable to discuss the matter any further at this time.

Ozzy Ale is one of only two Brewer’s Art beers to be packaged in cans and sold in liquor stores. The cans feature a fist tattooed “OZZY,” as Osbourne’s is tattooed. The can also features two bats, one of which is headless and dripping blood, synonymous with a famous Osbourne stunt.

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  • Sam Lang

    Change it to Ozzie and stick a raven on there.

  • Brewmorebaltimore

    No appreciation for a good brew? I expect more from such a Rock N Roll Legend!

  • Erika Murray

    And he expects royalties!

  • Steve Roms


  • Rachel Perry-Crook

    Unless he’s got a trademark on his name, it won’t fly.

  • Rachel Perry-Crook

    I really hope someone from Brewer’s Art sees this comment.

  • Jess Pittrell

    We already have the Raven (special lager) beer here. Not the team raven but rather Edger Poe. I love going to Brewers and having an Ozzy but I dont care what its called its a really good brew.

  • Elizabeth Black

    Considering he’s a recovering alcoholic, I suppose I can see why he’d not want a beer named after him.

  • Marty

    I love the beer and I love the can design, but clearly they are making a buck using Osbourne’s reputation. If Ozzy wants too much money, they should go with the headless raven idea from the comment above. That beer can stand on its own, no problem.

  • Kevin Windsor

    Change the name to La-Bats.

  • Brian Sweeney

    Change the name to Ozzie and Harriet and put the whole Nelson family on the can.

  • Sean Tully

    That won’t work if they still use the tattoo thing as it would be too closely associated with the rocker, it seems to me. Just pay the man what he is due as they are gaining profit on his good (or bad, as the case may be) name.

  • Sean Tully

    Hmm…I’m betting it isn’t the fact that they named a brew after him but that they aren’t paying him a licensing fee.

  • Sean Tully

    I am guessing Ozzy has all his trademarks in place. This guy is not stupid.

  • nebrazec

    This guy’s going off the rails on a gravy train.

  • Jaye Dubious

    Repackage it as “The Ghost of Oz” and do a dope illustration of Dorothy (Undead)!!! –cue: Climactic Music–

  • Anita Kurek

    Change the name to SharrrrrrooooN!

  • sean

    If Ozzy looses the lawsuit make the fist into a middle finger..

  • spolinik

    HAHAHAHA That is awesome.

  • Christine

    Using a logo that’s pretty much exactly the same and a celebrity’s tattoo will likely qualify as using his likeness.

  • Guest

    Does anyone buy the beer because of its name and imagery?

  • M.O.L.D.

    Change the name to Dio with the metal hand sign.

  • Radioactive24

    Only issue there is that Oz is a session pale ale from DuClaw, who is also in Baltimore, and seeing how litigation happy that they are already…

  • Rachel Perry-Crook

    Yup. Because no one else has ever gotten that tattoo. And if you don’t sue over EVERY misuse, you lose the right to sue over it. See the Disney model.

  • Rachel Perry-Crook

    If you don’t sue over EVERY misuse, you lose the right to sue over it. See the Disney model.

  • SJ McDermott

    No. It’s Sharon who’s not stupid. I smell Sharon behind this. :)

  • keith

    It also wouldnt work as ozzie has five letters……

  • keith

    He was referencing Ozzie Newsome, the genius GM of the ravens. Thats why he said put a raven on the can.

  • keith

    And change the fist on the can to his with both superbowl rings on it

  • curtis

    Its apparent that this brewer has no imagination, this is a
    complete rip off from The Prince of Darkness. OZZY should be pissed if this
    brewery did not ask permission; we all know he does not need the money. But
    this is wrong by all standards of copy right infringements. Even if this is not a copy right law, this
    brewer is making money by ripping off one of the best rockers that has ever
    lived. Get them MR. Crowley.

  • James

    Kinda retarded of the guy since the beer is pretty damn good.
    He should be flattered and endorse it instead. What an ass.

  • Janette Chase-Probst

    This is silly. The beer has been around awhile and NOW there is a lawsuit? Is there nothing interesting going on in their life that they have to go after a small business owner? We use to go to his concerts in Germany and loved watching him and listening to his music. Hell does Ozzy even know about the law suit or is he bumbling around yelling SHAROOOONNNN!