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Nepenthe, Mouth Party Suffer Massive Flooding, Birroteca Has Minor Damage

May 1, 2014
Birroteca on Wednesday night

Birroteca on Wednesday night

As the deluge continued yesterday and streets started collapsing and rivers started flooding, the Jones Falls started surging in Woodberry. It started off with Nepenthe Homebrew (disclosure: the owners are friends of mine) in Meadow Mill closing shop around 2 p.m., stating on their Facebook page, “We are closing up shop early today due to flooding. Fingers crossed the rain stops soon and we can reopen tomorrow.”

They never got that chance. As the river overtook the bridge and surrounding river walls, the Mill, also home to artisanal caramel shop Mouth Party, became engulfed in the raging river and by 9:30 p.m. had water at least 3 feet high on the walls. After checking back around midnight co-owner Brian Arnold posted on his Facebook page, “Our front doors have been punched out by the water pressure like an angry hippo was trying to escape and we were treated to watching several of our kegs and our trash can floating away. This is new. I don’t know what to do. Help.”

Nepenthe Homebrew Wednesday evening

Nepenthe Homebrew Wednesday evening

Meanwhile, just up the road, Birroteca was dealing with its own Jones Falls issues. The river had swollen enough to overtake their front driveway and cover halfway up their parking lot, with their lower dining room already taking on water.

After surveying the damage this morning, the pizza purveyors discovered 6 to 8 inches of water, with the dining room filling up to its windows. We spoke with Birroteca event coordinator Anna Plitsas, who told us, “The water subsided this morning and the staff rallied to get it ready for service. We have a bit of damage but nothing compared to Nepenthe and Mouth Candy at Meadow Mill.”

That’s remarkable news, but Plitsas wasn’t wrong about Nepenthe and Mouth Party—they’re both looking at extensive cleaning and rebuilding efforts, made even worst by the relative newness of both business. On its Facebook page this morning, Mouth Party refused to be negative, saying, “We have suffered great flood damage throughout our entire kitchen. We WILL rebuild & come back even sweeter than before. Thank you to everyone for your continued support. We will continue to update everyone. “


Nepenthe Homebrew this morning

Unsurprisingly—go Baltimore!—people around the city have been rallying to help with the recovery efforts. Plitsas tells us that Birroteca has plans to head to the mill today to help out with whatever’s needed and a previous Homebrew event scheduled for Saturday at Nepenthe has been rebranded as a full day clean-up effort for those who wish to help (info here). Here’s hoping both businesses are back up and running soon.

  • Jester

    Good luck to Nepenthe & Mouth Party on a quick recovery!!