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Munch Madness

April 1, 2014

Munch Maddnes

VOTE on your favorite Baltimore PIZZA round-by-round

ROUND ONE: Voting starts NOW and goes until 9 a.m. Thursday, April 3.
: Voting starts 9 a.m. Thursday, April 3 and goes until 9 a.m. Friday, April 4.
FINAL FOUR: Voting starts 9 a.m. Friday, April 4 and goes until 9 a.m. Monday, April 7.
CHAMPIONSHIP: Voting starts 9 a.m. Monday, April 7 and goes until 9 a.m. Tuesday, April 8.

Want to see the numbers? Click here to view the voting results.

The Winner will be announced in next week’s City Paper! Good luck to all!

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Congratulations to bracket champion


1741 Light St., and 336 N Charles St.,
(443) 501-4000

Matthew’s Pizza vs. Homeslyce

  • Homeslyce (62%, 409 Votes)
  • Matthew’s Pizza (38%, 251 Votes)

Total Voters: 660

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  • pist

    where the F is Johnny Radd’s?

  • Remus

    Your dumb if you don’t vote for Gil’s

  • ak

    johnny rad’s should get a first round bye and head directly into the semifinals.

  • Pete D

    Agreed on Rad’s. Add Rad’s and Chazz in another matchup and get them in this tournament.

  • Matt

    *You’re dumb

  • matt

    Calling someone dumb and not knowing the difference between your and you’re is dumb.

  • Scott Mason

    I guess you figured Johnny Rad’s was an obvious sweep and didn’t include them to keep it interesting?

  • Fells Point Famous

    Hot Tomatoes Now serving gigantic 25″ Pizza whole or by the slice!! Open til 3am 7 days a week 364 days a year!!

  • ???

    And where the f is Zella’s?

  • Kayla

    Everyone vote for Hot Tomatoes his pizza is amazing and he’s a really nice person. Thanks! :)

  • Medications

    The omission of Johnny Rad’s renders this bracket completely pointless and without credibility

  • Litlwylde

    Hot Tomatoes is the worst in the world and by far the dirtiest hole in the wall

  • Tyler

    I think DiPasquale’s makes some pretty baller pizza…

  • Mackie2201

    What about Bartender’s or Pub Dawg? This bracket is missing some key pizza places.

  • derpatron

    No Rads?!

  • leslie

    I’m so glad I’m not the only person upset about johnny rads not being listed lol

  • Jesus of the Internet

    Anything but Birroteca. That place is the worst.

  • Phyllis Neffler

    where the F is Bartender’s?

  • Jerkface

    Arthouse is just awful. Seriously, I’ve never been somewhere that made me not want to eat pizza. Everything tasted like they tipped a salt shaken over on top of it. Both pies were rubbery with low quality toppings, salt for weeks, and a price tag that rivals my rent. I do not understand the allure of this place.

  • D-Rock

    I was eating there and they came in to take pictures for “an article
    about pizza”, so I’m both pissed that they didn’t include Johnny Rad’s
    in this AND that I didn’t get to be in any photos. :P

  • chaz

    how is joe squared not in the semis, never mind out in round 1? couldn’t have lost by much. hampden must be all over this.

  • James & Gail Lawrence

    Bop Pizza Fells Point the best pizza in Baltimore Maryland. Service with a smile.

  • William Bond

    The only real question to be answered is where o’ where is Alonso’s cheeseburger pizza??? Blows Joe Squared’s crappy matzo ball bread pizza with runny tomatoes from a can right out of the harbor…!!!

  • J Kelly Lane

    Didn’t see round 1 of this. Was Barfly’s on Fort Ave. on it? Pretty good pizza there.

  • Dano

    Johnny Radd’s not being in this bracket is no great tragedy. While Johnny Rad’s is certainly better than some of the first round losers it can’t compete with the likes of Hersh’s or Matthews

  • ricemouse

    WTF! I missed round one but how in the world are Isabella’s and Bagby both out in round one?!

  • Scott Mason

    I like how Mathews is the only non-close vote so far. It’s Mathews all the way, everyone knows it.

  • Terri

    No frills,Matthew’s Pizza is the best…like a hug from your Italian Grandmother…Birroteca’s pizza taste like the box Matthew’s pizza comes in !

  • Jason Merchant

    Where’s Tooloulou??

  • Josh

    Hey, C’mon City Paper! Put the Correct Hersh’s Pizza Pic Up

  • Sarah Forame

    i love you hot tomatoes.

  • Evan Serpick


  • Josh

    Molto Grazie

  • pizza-eater

    should have given a week per ladder stage to give people a chance to sample any new place and to get a better vote sample. more business for our fav pizza places and more interest in city paper

  • JerseyMouth

    Cannot vote with iPhone -?

  • Robbie

    While not a trendy spot…Filippo’s in Highlandtown was my favorite when I lived in Brewer’s Hill and Upper Fells Point.

  • SmarterThanYou

    If you think that Chazz should be anywhere on any list concerning food in this city, then you’re an idiot… jus’ sayin’

  • JD

    most papers that do these types of “competitions” are biased and usually take the advertisers or owners/managers/writers/photographers favorites to the top no matter what. You can vote all you want, usually doesn’t matter what your opinion is.


    the best pizza in town for sure!!!!!

  • dg


  • Brian

    Homeslyce pizza tastes like love and happiness.

  • Donavon

    HOMESLYCE is the best!

  • phil t

    Matthews is hands down the best pizza in baltimore

  • phizza

    Let’s get real. This is a popularity contest, not who literally has the best pizza. Seriously, what the fuck is that up there that Homeslyce has under their header?! That’s pizza? Looks like another “fat American” science project of a pizza; disgusting. The only real contender is Matthew’s. And, the contest should be judged solely on a cheese pizza: mozzarella and tomato. If you can’t make a good mozzarella and tomato then get the fuck out, close shop, and go back to not knowing what you want to do with your life. Fuck all that other stupid shit like chicken and avocado and pineapples and bacon and caviar and snails and fuckin duck confit or pate pizza or cheeseburger pizza or whatever other idiotic, over the top disgusting creations these assholes want to come up with. It’s all a guise for the hard truth that none of these places, except for Matthew’s can make a decent red sauce. Now, if you’re drunk at the time of purchase ignore everything I just said.

  • Kw


  • Mateo

    Phizza. Before you are getting your facts you should try homeslyce pizza. I think homeslyce is the best pizza in downtown.

  • chaz

    please don’t invite people like phizza to my pizza joint!

  • Doug R

    Pasta Mista not being on here hurts my brain!


    Matthews is hands down, the BEST PIZZA IN BALTIMORE!

  • Pete D

    I’m an idiot, AND you’re smarter than me…tough day.


    HOMESLYCE !! THERE IS No Competition hands down the best pizza in Baltimore !! FROM Light St to Charles St .

  • D

    Chazz pizza is overpriced and average tasting at best.

  • Bccc Secret society

    Looks like homeslyce will take this easily… my favorite spot… the salmon pizza is the best…

  • William

    okay, we get it people, many of you want Matthews to win. Maybe because it is not fancy or gourmet. I like Matthews Pizza. I was there last week. But seriously folks, it is not as good as most of these. I see people all over social media pushing for people to vote for it. Good for you, but this is why these polls are ridiculous and magazines and newspapers have readers choice categories separate from their own “best of” articles.

  • William

    ummm….matthew’s doesn’t have boxes.

  • Phizza

    Mateo, with that name I would think you would know what good pizza is. Unfortunately, topping after topping is like whip cream on a turd…it’s still a turd.

  • Phizza

    What pizza joint might that be? I’m no trying to be an ass just stating the hard truth. Someone below mentioned salmon pizza at homeslyce…I’m sorry, what?? It’s stupid shit like that which I deem ridiculous. I’ll eat the best pizza margherita 10x in a row before I’m even concerned about some stupid shit like salmon on my pizza. Next up, “pizza al dente with falafel” or some shit like that. Fuck it…

  • dg

    you are a piece of shit… thats all i can tell you.

  • Phizza

    Tell it to yourself buddy no one cares. Get over it. Unless you have a logical rebuttal don’t bother with the non sequitur.

  • Abby EatingCharmCity

    Zella’s is near Hollins Market – amazing pizza… and sammies for that matter.