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Joe Squared plans to open two new restaurants, including a barbecue place

June 28, 2013

10ENorthAve-Ext-190x190Joe Edwardsen, the owner of Joe Squared Pizza, an anchor for the Station North Arts and Entertainment District at the corner of Howard St. and North Avenue, told City Paper that he will be opening two new restaurants at the old Centre Theater at 10 E. North Avenue, including a barbecue place.

Charlie Duff, of nonprofit developer Jubilee Baltimore, told The Sun that he bought the property for $93,000 at an auction and will partner with MICA to refurbish it. According to Jubilee’s website, the property would contain film, art, and video game design programs. Amy Bonitz, who is working with Jubilee on the project, told City Paper that “We will be able to join Hopkins and MICA, who will be bringing both film and media programs into the building. The bigger vision is for Hopkins to play a central role in revitalizing the area.”

But Bonitz also says that having a strong street-level presence has always been part of the plan, and that’s where Joe Squared comes in.

Carolyn Frenkil, one of the developers of the North Avenue Market, who has also stepped on board to help the project, first let on to City Paper that “Joe Squared is going to open two restaurants there.”

Reached by phone, Edwardsen says “That is my plan, but nothing has been signed yet. But I’ve got no problem saying we’re part of the project. We’re opening up a barbecue place there. A genuine barbecue place in the city center could go over exceptionally well. I mean, you have to travel to get some decent barbecue [now],” Edwardsen says, adding that he’s aiming for a Fall, 2015 open date. “It’s been a while since there’s been any in the city itself. North Avenue is the perfect place for it.”

For more Station North development news, stay tuned for our feature story on the area next Wednesday.

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