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Grilled Cheese on Wheels

June 16, 2011

Artist's rendering (courtesy

Is it pronounced “GER-chee,” “gruh-CHAY,” or maybe even just “GERCH”? Whatever. But the GrrChe: Gourmet Grilled Cheese truck, Baltimore’s newest addition to the mobile food-unit scene, will soon be trawling the streets of Baltimore vending warmed bread and cheese from the unadorned (American cheese on white or wheat) to the fancy-schmancy. The lobster grill combines Maine lobster, Havarti cheese, celery, and spices in a split-top roll, while pita bread forms the base for the Armenian string cheese, mint, and olive oil in the Middle Eastern. The truck even offers a dessert sandwich: a super-rich combo of mascarpone, brie, chocolate, and caramel on white or wheat (if you want to be all healthy about it). Look for the truck to hit the streets June 20. More info at the web site, or via Twitter and/or Facebook.

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