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Fire Consumes Mt. Washington Tavern; Smokers Dealt Another Setback

October 31, 2011

Mt. Washington Tavern burns. Photo by Ed Bloom.

When we got news this morning the fire gods had consumed the much-loved Mt. Washington Tavern, we were bummed in many ways. We felt bad for owner Rob Frisch, tavern staff, and the folks who, including some here, often make a point of having a friendly drink there. A relatively new staffer here was in the early phases of attachment.

But then we thought of the smokers, who have lost yet another comfortable place to drink and light up–and by comfortable we mean not exiled to the sidewalk. In 2009 we gave the Mt. Washington Tavern the Best of Baltimore award for “Best Bar for Smoking.”

Friend of City Paper and Ethel and Ramone’s owner/head chef Ed Bloom sent us this pic he snapped in the wee hours, as the blaze consumed that beloved outdoor patio. Sniff. reports that Frisch vows “we’re absolutely going to rebuild and we’re absolutely going to be better than ever.” We wish Rob and staff good luck, and hope the Sky Bar comes back better than ever.

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