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Fancy Hot Dogs in Fells Point

April 16, 2010

With names like “Wild Thing,” “The Cuban” and “Late Night Dog,” the sausages and hot dogs at Stuggy’s (809 S Broadway, [410] 327-0228) aren’t your average wieners. The Fells Point restaurant, which opened in March (according to, aims to serve “old-fashioned hotdogs and sausages with a modern twist.”

Its “Carolina Slaw Dog” ($5.99) is an “all beef 1/4 lb jumbo kosher hot dog” topped with chili and coleslaw. Though this dog, in particular, seems a bit pricey, the “Combo #2″—a 1/4 lb. hot dog, fries, drink, and pickle that goes for $6—sounds like a deal. And you can super-size the combo meals for an extra dollar. But, unlike most places where the word “super-size” appears on the menu, Stuggy’s distributors are all local. According to its web site, the people at Stuggy’s “believe in the slow food process and educating our customers about where our food is from.” Which might make you feel a little bit better than usual about scarfing down a dog.