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Duff has his own home baking goods

July 9, 2010

Want a purple-fondant covered, cheetah print cake with neon pink icing? Duff Goldman, Baltimore bad boy and star of the Food Network’s Ace of Cakes, has a solution. He has instroduced more than 80 products–such as fondant, graffiti (spray-on color), and edible cake “tattoos” made of rice paper–so that the home baker can take a cake from blasé to bangin’.

Sweet-toothed customers can find the line at Michaels or online. Products range from $1.99 for decorating tips to $24.99 for a tub of fondant, a thick, nonperishable decorating confection, with every item toting a smiling Goldman on the packaging.

Goldman created the line in conjunction with Minnesota-based Gartner Studios, a company best known for stationary. He says he picked the company because they really listened to him.

“I designed, worked on, and spent time on it,” Goldman says of the products, which he designed for “the people who see my cake show and say, ‘I want to do that.’”  It’s not just the home cooks either. Goldman imagines budding businesses using the tools that made him famous—tools he couldn’t find when he started Charm City Cakes in 2000.

Golfman also plans to visit the factory in China where the line is manufactured to make sure the workers are being treated fairly. “It’s my name on there,” he says. “I want my name to mean something for a long time.”

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