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Dogwood Reopens

December 15, 2009

Dogwood is reopening Dec. 17 according to an e-mail from the restaurant. Last August, it closed down amid rumors that this temporary hiatus would prove permanent. Rumors that seemed pretty likely when September and then October and then November came and went without the promised reopening. Now, you can once again head down to the basement for Dogwood’s brand of local- and sustainable-focused American cuisine.

Grano‘s second location on Chestnut Avenue is already open for business. The dining room looked lovely when we stopped in over the weekend but it was too packed to get a table. Fortunately, Grano Pasta at Chestnut takes reservations, just call (443) 438-7521. Little Grano, as it is now called, is still up and running too, which leaves us wondering what happened to the Cuban restaurant that was supposed to move in.