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Cold beer! Get your cold beer!

March 24, 2009

In good time for our annual switch from too blasted cold to too damned hot-excepting that brief but lovely couple of days that Charm Citizens call “spring” -Evan, over at CityThatBreeds has done a great service by mapping the 100 coldest beers in Baltimore, at least as of 2007, which is the last time City Paper‘s crack team of beer scientists fanned out across the city to test the coldness of said beers.

One caveat, which Evan makes on his site: bars may have changed names or gone out of business since last time we checked. You can check them in our clubs database or, better yet, call them directly to see if they’re still around.

I think we can all look forward to the day when our cell phones will just alert us to the nearest cold beer on a hot summer day, tell us how to get there, and exactly how cold the beer will be when we arrive. Evan has brought this dream a little closer to reality. This is why we have technology.