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Charmery releases Chinese Food and A Movie ice cream for Jews on Christmas

December 19, 2013


By Rebecca Scott Lord

In addition to making ice cream flavors to honor the television show Breaking Bad and Ravens kicker Justin Tucker (“a Dr. Pepper based ice cream with a cayenne kick“), the Charmery, this year’s “Best Ice Cream Shop,“   has been churning out a flurry of tasty Christmas flavors.

David Alima, who co-owns the shop and makes the ice cream alongside his wife Laura, is Jewish, and, amidst the stollen bread and eggnog and candy-cane flavors, he noticed a distinct lack of a flavor for the Jewish world to feel nostalgic about. The Charmery offered jelly-doughnut ice cream for Hanukkah, so Alima figured he should make something to commemorate another special Jewish tradition: Chinese food and a movie on Christmas. Chinese Food and a Movie  is a buttery popcorn ice cream with chunks of chocolate covered fortune cookies mixed in. It debuts this Saturday, and will probably only remain in stock for a week.