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The Charmery celebrates National Ice Cream For Breakfast Day

January 29, 2014

unnamedWhoever picked the 1st of February as “National Ice Cream For Breakfast Day’” has a sick, albeit hysterical, sense of (good) humor. But then again, if you’re gonna have one of the coldest January’s in ages, you might as well celebrate with something cold that doesn’t ruin your day.

The Charmery (winner of CP‘s Best Ice Cream Shop; 801 W 36th St.) hopes to help you out. In celebration of the arbitrary holiday, the Hampden ice cream parlor will be opening early this Saturday (2/1) at 10 a.m. and featuring one-of-a-kind breakfast cereal flavors, including: Cornflakes and Milk, Peanut Butter and Apple Jacks, Granola and Yogurt, Chocolate with Fruity Pebbles (blasphemy!), and their take on Lucky Charms, which co-owner David Alima says will feature a “sweet oats infused base, pulverized cereal pieces, and dehydrated marshmallows from the cereal itself.”

Besides the Saturday-morning-cartoon varieties of ice cream, Alima tells us there will also be a limited edition batch using a pure white coffee bean that’s specially roasted by Spro, left to infuse for a couple of days, strained, and made into ice cream. If you prefer your coffee hot, Spro will also be on site to warm you back up.

One particular detail that piqued our interest was their offering of a special Belgian Liege waffle, a unique variety which uses yeast dough laced with sugar chunks instead of a typical batter; the recipe of which, Alima says, was originally created by Corner BYOB Bernard Dehaene’s Grandmother, and was won by The Charmery over a game of backgammon. Waffles, grandmothers, and gambling: all signs point to can’t-go-wrong eats.

Part of the proceeds will go to support Moveable Feast, and the person who shows up in their best pajamas will win an hour of all-you-can-eat ice cream for them and a friend; sounds like perfect timing for that “balmy” 45° warm front that’s rolling into town this weekend.

  • Shankman

    I always forget how often you use the word piqued

  • Piquelovah

    Did the usage of pique pique your interest?

  • IceCreamHasNoSeason

    Not as arbitrary as you might think… This has been celebrated since the sixties…