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Brew House No. 16 to Open In Mount Vernon

June 23, 2014

BHHH2Based on the city notice posted on the façade of the old firehouse at 831 N. Calvert St., Mount Vernon is about to get a new brew house. Located across the street from Iggie’s, Brew House No. 16 (the fire station’s old number) is currently requesting a class B liquor license and by the looks of the fermenters and wood barrels we spotted inside (below), is planning to brew on premises.

The application states the new space is also requesting outdoor seating—something Mount Vernon needs much more of in our opinion—but by the looks of the untouched inside, it may be a while until the doors open. We’ve always felt the historic neighborhood could use more cool bars to hit up, we just hope the beer is good and not just riding on the coat-tails of the current craft beer explosion. Stay tuned.



  • Noodle

    Have no fear. this Is my friends place and he’s a brew master who’s studied in Germany

  • paulcountry

    How can I contact your buddy. As this was my firehouse for many years I’d love to give him some background on the station, it’s firemen and maybe some memorabilia for the place.

  • Ryan Detter

    is there any way you can email? i’d love to talk to your friend to get more details on the space. thanks ryan97ou [at]

  • Vince

    Yes email me at vvwinik{at}

  • paulcountry

    Here is my email.