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Baltimore Gets it own Japanese Noodle Shop With Ten Ten Ramen

April 21, 2014

ffBaltimore ramen fans rejoice: we now have a bona fide ramen shop to call our own.

While the name has yet to be changed at Joss Café, and the space and menu haven’t been completed, you can now stop into Ten Ten Ramen (天 天, Kanji for Heavenly Heavenly Ramen) and get a ridiculously good bowl of their Shoyu or Miso Ramen. Finally.

We recently stopped into the shop at 413 N. Charles St., still owned by Joss but with an entirely new concept, to give it a try. Having just spent 3 weeks in Japan, this writer was skeptical about getting something authentic, but we were blown away with their special Shoyu Ramen ($10; pictured), a rich pork-based tonkotsu-style broth accented with menma (braised bamboo shoots), a semi-soft egg, nori, a thick slice of tender pork loin, and perfectly cooked traditional alkaline noodles. It’s not on the menu, but just ask for it. It was so good we returned the following day to give the Miso style ($8) a shot, which was an equally good but lighter option. Did we mention you can wash it all down with an Asahi or Sapporo for a mere $3.50? Kanpai indeed.

We were especially surprised to see takoyaki ($5.50) on the menu, a popular roadside snack in Japan consisting of octopus and scallions batter fried into ping pong-sized puffs and served with a sweet sauce and bonito flakes; the perfect late night snack. Unfortunately the shop, still waiting on their new sign to get installed and the inside to be finalized, is only open daily from 11am-7pm for now.

Daron Yang, who works the front of the house, explained that the idea was born out of a lack of authentic noodle shops in Baltimore, especially after D.C. and New York have seen a boom in ramen popularity. Yang says the hope is to be officially up and running full speed in a couple weeks, with plans of adding other menu options such as a cold noodle variety that’s dressed with a light vinegary sauce and fresh vegetables—something we’re definitely looking forward to come summer time.

  • Nancy Therien

    will they also be serving authentic family style dishes? tappas

  • Emily Crum

    Gluten-free options? Please?

  • mb

    any idea about the hours? i stopped by late this afternoon (a monday) and it was closed.

  • amylewt

    Any vegetarian options? Hours?

  • Ryan

    11am-7pm they said as did their website.

  • Julie Smith
  • Henry Hong

    Tonkatsu is fried pork, tonkotsu is the broth

  • Ryan

    vowel mixup. thanks Henry.

  • mb

    hmm.i’ll try again then. i went by at 6pm on monday.

  • Brad Brooks

    I’ll have to give this place a try sometime, I’ve always wanted to try authentic Japanese-style ramen.

  • ms

    A group of us just tried yesterday (Thursday May 1) around six and they were closed. Frustrating!

  • citypeekpatti

    looks amazing!