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WaPo does a story on Baltimore that’s actually pretty good

December 5, 2013
Weekend MARC train service will make Baltimore a destination for many in the District

Photo courtesy Washington Post

As you may recall, The Washington Post did a Travel section story on Baltimore back in February that took a kind of bewildered look at our fair city and gave lots of props for free street parking. We took exception to this story.

So it was pleasantly surprising to see the Post‘s Weekend section use the pending arrival of Saturday and Sunday MARC service as an opportunity to take a deeper dive into Baltimore’s music, dining, drinking, and arts scenes, producing two stories outlining the non-touristy things that make our city great and encouraging D.C.ers to look beyond the Inner Harbor. Places like The Crown and Current Space and parties such as Save Your Soul and 4 Hours of Funk all get some love. (Disclosure: I used to work at the Weekend section and met both reporters for drinks during their trips north).

The bar guide even proves useful to Baltimoreans heading to D.C. on a weekend MARC train, which we strongly encourage, because you can reverse the “If you like… Try…” formula to find Washington watering holes to your liking.

Even better, CP came up with its own list of things to do in D.C. this weekend after taking advantage of the new weekend MARC service.

Ya know, all this positivity building up between the two cities with the start of weekend rail services has got a certain song fresh on our minds.

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